Step by Step Learning Process

The game of golf is a very popular game but sometimes viewed by new players as hard to master.  Our surveys, one on one interviews and research have found that one of the major deterrents to people staying with the game of golf was their lack of understanding of the steps a person must go through to learn how to play respectfully.

It is true that few people ever master the game of golf; however, due to the universal handicap system created by the United States Golf Association (USGA), people of all abilities can and do enjoy playing together.

Statistics show that only a few tenths of 1% of golfers play scratch or par golf. One of the major reasons so many people love golf is the building of strong relationships and close friends who also play the game, and not because they ever intend to master it.  Whether a person masters the game has nothing to do with how much fun and/or enjoyment they will have playing golf.

Our job as a teacher/coach, is to make sure our clientele fully understand the steps they need to take to reach the skill level they hope to achieve.  Our initial job is to make sure each person we serve sets realistic goals and then our on-going job is to make sure there are clear learning steps so they reach their goals.  Planning for good results is not difficult.

There just needs to be a road map of understanding so together the coach and the client reach the handicap or scoring level the client plans to reach step by step.  Like any sport or endeavor, good outcomes are reached with good training/coaching, practice and the time it takes to learn all the parts that make up the game.  The instructor/coaches at Morton Golf have broken the game down into steps or levels to make your learning experience easier and more understandable.

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