Northern California Institute of Golf Junior Programs

Our 2023 programs are now live and ready for sign-ups.

Below you will see a brief description along with a link to sign up:

TOTS on the Tee: $199.99 (6 week sessions)
Tots on the Tee is a program designed for 3–4-year-olds. You can expect participants to discover and explore the very basics of the game of golf through station/game-based learning, also developing their athletic and life skills. This is a 6-week program, you will see golf-based stations and athletic based stations as we believe in the ADM (American Development Model) which focuses on appropriate activities based age of participants. LOCATION: William Land Golf Course

FUNdamental Movement: $229.99 (8 week sessions)
The FUNdamental Movement class is designed for children ages 5-10. The session contains 8 hourly classes. You can expect to see participants experience, discover, identify, and demonstrate fundamentals of the game of golf, incorporate First Tee Core Values and develop athletics skills as we strongly advocate participants should become great athletes as well as great golfers. At the end of this class, we are confident that participants will be able to name the parts of a golf club, understand how to safely use a golf club, have a basic understanding of what club to use for different golf shots, and have an increased ability to perform athletic skills.
LOCATION: William Land Golf Course

After School Program: $199.99 (Two 6 week sessions in the Spring and Fall)
The After School program is broken into 6-week sessions where golfers come anywhere from 1-3 times a week. You can expect the participants to be exploring, discovering, identifying, demonstrating, creating, and performing all facets of the golf game, learn the life skills of the First Tee, but also develop many athletic skills and movements which are critical in becoming a healthy and happy child, along with a more coordinated golfer. During each class participants are split into 3-4 smaller groups, making sure these groups are chronologically and developmentally skill appropriate, allowing for a more efficient learning environment.
LOCATION: Tuesdays and Thursdays at William Land GC / Wednesdays at Bing Maloney GC

Little Linkers: $349.99 (Ages 7+)
This program is an on-course, developmental, skill-building based program. The class is on Saturdays during the spring and fall and it is on Tuesdays during the summer, with tee times starting at 1pm. Each week participants will be learning to track key on-course statistics for improvement, keeping their score (with the help of a coach), learning, and experiencing important rules and pace of play strategies.
Our spring/fall sessions are built for technical and rules/etiquette development. Whereas our summer session has more of a tournament feel. During the spring and fall participants tee off from different distances depending on skill level and will move depending on their development. Whereas, during the summer participants play from First tee age related yardages, helping them become more comfortable in tournament conditions.
This Class Alternates Between Bing Maloney and William Land Golf Course

Academy On Course $159.99 ( Ages 7+)
Taking place exclusively at our academy holes on Saturdays, our goal by the end of the session is for golfers to have learned the basics of the parts of the hole, basic on-course safety, rules, pace of play and etiquette. We will take our time in a 3-week session, allowing participants to develop their confidence on the course in a pressure free, fun environment. This is the perfect class for golfers who are interested in playing on the course but have not had the exposure to it yet. We recommend taking this program before moving into Little Linkers as it develops all the necessary knowledge to thrive on the golf course Location: Bing Maloney Golf Course

High School 1 $350 ( Ages 13-17)
This is a 6-week program for ages 13-17 with a midweek and weekend offering catering to junior athletes who are either just being introduced to the game or have graduated from the after-school program. The participants will be further developing their putting, short-game and full swing skills. We will develop the participants into golfers who can start to play on the course recreationally or competitively. Location: Bing Maloney Golf Course

Summer Camp 2023

Half day camps: Half Day Camps are designed to inspire new golfers at the beginning of their journey and further the development of those playing at a beginner to intermediate level. Camps will cover golf fundamentals including posture, grip, putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and simple rules and etiquette. Participants are segmented into smaller groups based on their experience and age to create a favorable and fun learning environment. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Modified Full Day: Modified Full Day Camps provide an opportunity for advanced beginner to intermediate level golfers to continue to improve their technical skills but also begin the process of understanding course management, shot selection and simple stat tracking. Participants are segmented into small groups based on their experience level to create a more favorable learning environment. Lunch and course play is included unless otherwise noted. Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate.