Championship 18 Hole by Hole

Enjoy a relaxing day of golf with these hole descriptions and tips on playing our Championship 18 course at Bing Maloney.

  1. A solid drive is required on this slight dogleg left par 4. The green slopes sharply from back to front, making club selection crucial.
  2. With a generous fairway, it’s grip it and rip it time! The green has a slight false front, so be careful in selecting the right club.
  3. A tricky par 3, this hole usually plays a bit longer than advertised due to the water in front of the green. The green is narrower than it appears, and it bunkered on both sides.
  4. A rather simple looking hole, but don’t be fooled! The left side can sneak up on you, making the approach shot very difficult. The green is longer than you think, so club accordingly.
  5. A solid par 3, this green is bigger than it looks off the tee. If your tee shot is not hit solid, a bunker will come into play near the front right portion of the green.
  6. It will take two of your best to reach this solid par 5. The green is shallow, and protected well with a large bunker towards the right side.
  7. A straight drive is crucial to your success on the seventh hole. Large trees line both sides of the fairway. The green has several levels to it, so make sure that your yardage is correct.
  8. A slight dogleg right, the drive here is very important! Don’t bite off too much of the dogleg, or the trees on the right will bite back! A short approach is all that’s left.
  9. A risk, reward par 5 to finish the front nine. Two good shots give you the opportunity to get there in two. The fairway narrows as you approach the green. Sometimes playing it safe is the way to go.
  10. A sharp dogleg left, it looks from the tee that cutting the corner is an easy play; don’t be fooled! A deceptive bunker near the green should not come into play.
  11. A relatively straight away par 5, it requires two solid shots to reach the green, which is guarded by large oaks and a large bunker.
  12. Our “signature” hole; the large tree in the middle of the fairway wreaks havoc for every player! The safe play is to the right, which leaves a long second shot. The green slopes from back to front and is bunkered front and back.
  13. A deceptive par 3, choose your club correctly; with a false front and trouble over the back, yardage is crucial. Depending on the time of year, water from tee to green makes for a challenging looking shot.
  14. Hitting through the chute on this par 5 is sometimes intimidating. The green has several levels, make sure your approach is accurate.
  15. A straight away par 4 with a generous landing area, you have lots of options off the tee. The green sits slightly uphill, making the approach shot play a bit longer. Don’t go too far, over the green is BIG trouble!
  16. The last par 3 on the course, but the best of the bunch! Bunkers surround the green, which is large and challenging.
  17. A dogleg right par 4, the smart play is a down the right center of the fairway. The brave player will try and cut the corner. The green has a false front and is well protected by bunkers.
  18. The tee shot on the final plays slightly uphill towards the clubhouse. Be aware of the large trees that guard the fairway on both sides. The green is narrow; making the approach shot a true test.