Join a Home Club

Bing Maloney provides opportunities for play as well as to meet new people by joining one of our home clubs.

Executive Ladies Golf Club

The Executive Ladies Golf Club invites new members to join the ladies at Bing Maloney Golf Course on the Executive 9

When: Tuesday Mornings

Contacts: Diane Borden 916-682-6535 or Mary Zatkovich 916-683-3057

The Bing Maloney Men’s Club is open to all ages and handicaps. Our Men’s Club plays once a month from February through November on Saturday mornings at 9am. We play 18-holes of golf, and we utilize different playing formats each month to keep things interesting.

When: Once a month, Saturday mornings

Contacts: Paul Domyancic (sign up form can be found in the Bing Maloney Pro Shop or call Bing Maloney at 916-808-6616 for more information)

Sacramento Chinese Women’s Golf Club

The Sacramento Chinese Women’s Golf Club welcomes golfers of any age and experience to join our club. We have casual competitions as well as more serious ones.

We are part of the Pacific Women’s Golf Association. We play in their tournaments throughout the year. Anyone may play from our club. There you will meet ladies from all of Northern California. These are very “fun” tournaments.

Our club is 65 years old. Our members are varied, including those currently working to our very treasured and active member in her 90s.

We are playing shotgun starts from 7:30a in the summer to 8:30a in the winter months. We have two general meetings each year and various special luncheons.

Contacts: Membership Chair: Holly Fong Korach: 916-296-4505 cell or Captain: Betty Kearney: 916-802-1887

South Sacramento Women’s Golf Club

Joining the South Sacramento Women’s Golf Club is a fun way to meet new friends and improve your golf game at the same time.

We are medium sized group of Women mainly over 50 years of age, but welcome Women of all ages. We are a social group that has fun tournaments, as well as our club championship, which we take very seriously. We are affiliated with the Pacific Women’s Golf Association and are able to play in their tournaments as well.

When: We have a shot gun start tournament every Monday beginning at 8:00 in the summer (to beat the heat) and 8:30 during the cooler months. We have 4 business meeting per year and two luncheons each year, summer and Christmas.

If you have not established a handicap you can play with the club to establish your handicap.

Contacts: Jan Luis 916-427-7501 or Guen Seefeldt 916-391-3449