Maloney’s Grille

Maloney’s Grille at Bing Maloney provides the perfect finish after a relaxing round of golf with its casual atmosphere and delicious food. Check out the menu here.

MaloneysGrille_2This summer, the Bing Maloney clubhouse has undergone a wonderful transformation, making it an even better environment for our patrons. Our finished product is called Maloney’s Grille. The new restaurant has several flat-screen televisions to play sporting events and to create a fun and exciting place to dine.  Maloney’s Grille provides the perfect finish after a relaxing round of golf with its casual dining atmosphere and delicious food.

MaloneysGrille_1Best known for having one of the best breakfast burritos in the city, Maloney’s Grille is also well known for its 1/3 lb hamburgers, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and mouth-watering daily specials – including the avocado/salsa burger and homemade soups. Click here for the menu.

A shaded and elevated patio is attached to the Grille and overlooks the main putting green and 9th green. The patio makes a wonderful location for tournaments and special event groups looking to host a catered event or barbeque in this area.

January 6:30 AM — 4:30 PM
February 6:30 AM — 5:00 PM
March 6:00 AM* — 6:00 PM
April 5:30 AM — 7:00 PM
May 5:30 AM — 7:30 PM
June 5:30 AM — 7:30 PM
July 5:30 AM — 7:30 PM
August 5:30 AM — 7:30 PM
September 6:00 AM — 6:30 PM
October 6:00 AM — 6:00 PM
November 6:00 AM* — 5:00 PM
— Thanksgiving Day 6:00 AM — 3:00 PM
December 6:30 AM — 4:30 PM
— Christmas Eve 6:30 AM — 4:00 PM
— Christmas Day 6:30 AM — 2:00 PM

* Time adjusted for Daylight Savings