Step 5 – Advanced Golf/Private Lessons

Morton Golf recommends private lessons from one of our Class A PGA or LPGA Golf Professionals when you get serious about your game and/or want to improve specific areas of your game. “Advanced Golf” occurs when you are able to play golf well enough that you can complete 18 holes of play and feel sure you won’t hold up golfers playing behind you.

Usually this point arrives when men golfers start shooting between 100 and 110 for a regulation 18-hole golf course and women start shooting between 110 to 120 on the same course from the women’s tees. Of course, many new golfers decide to take private lessons as beginners or after the beginning class lessons.

If you plan on taking a series of private lessons make sure your golf coach designs a step-by-step plan together with you so you can have achievable and realistic goals from your lessons. Private lessons are also available by the hour in family or small groups of up to four students.

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