Jeff Kaiser, Lead Instructor, Teaching Professional

Knowledge Eliminates Frustration

Jeff Kaiser has become one of our veteran teachers at Bing Maloney, starting as an apprentice and working his way up to now the Lead Instructor for the course.  Born and raised in Boise Idaho sports has always been more than just recreation, it has been a way of life.  Jeff’s first love was track, and after setting multiple school records he moved his focus to football where as a sophomore he lead his team to a state championship.  With no golf team available at the time, the game would have to wait until a little later in life for Jeff.

Jeff pursed many professional positions in his early twenties to include being a national sales trainer for a global travel company giving him valuable public speaking and teaching experience.  From that experience Jeff became very good friends with at the time a Nike tour player who took Jeff under his wing to show him all about the game of golf and how to teach the game.  After a few years of working with this tour player, Jeff opened his own driving range and beginners golf school which thrived for 4 years until he lost his lease due to a land dispute and was forced to move his operation.  Instead of staying in Boise and rebuilding, Jeff went back to school and attended the Professional Golfers Career College where he graduated with honors, and was immediately hired by the Morton Golf team.

Jeff’s teaching philosophy is very simple: master the fundamentals (grip, stance, posture, alignment) then move to the basics (ball position, swinging of the arms, movement of the body, proper weight transfer) then learn the more advanced (troubleshooting, ball trajectory, moving the ball left to right or right to left).  Jeff’s approach to the game is more about swing building rather than trying to put a bandage on a major flaw.  One thing Jeff says to all his students “It is just as easy to make a good swing as it is a bad one when you really understand how to make a good one”.  Don’t just do something because a friend or golf coach tells you to, do it because it makes sense to you, understand why, not just what.


Recent comments from a few of my students:

“I highly recommend Jeff Kaiser as a golf instructor. He is patient, kind and informative. He possesses a thorough and in-depth understanding of the mechanics and psychology of the nuances of the game. He has helped acquiant me with golf language and helped me considerably with my golf performance. As a highly competitive and opinionated beginner, he has gently and patiently guided me to develop my golf swing, stance, hitting distance and direction. I trust his expertise in club selection and course management. I believe that he has led me towards a love for the game with his serious intensity yet easy-going, fun, and adaptable demeanor. Taking lessons with Jeff has been a worthwhile investment toward understanding, improving and enjoying my golf game.”

Susie Chase

“I have just finished another round of golf and am very pleasantly surprised at how well I played. I cannot thank you enough for the two lessons you provided to me. The skills I obtained in just two lessons have improved my game so much! I will admit I was skeptical when my friends told me how much their games had improved after taking lessons from you. Now, I am a believer. You are a great teacher and I thank you again for the improvements in my game and helping me enjoy golf again.”

Marcia Johnson

“I have taken 5 lessons from you and they have been worth more to me than a series of 10 I took before. As an educator, after my third lessons I knew that you are a great golf instructor. You made my sessions a wonderful experience. The sessions were stress-free, non-intimidating and all in all fun for me. You know golf very well with all of its intricate swings, positions, etiquette, and an overall understanding of equipment and clubs. In no way have I mastered all that you had to share. But golf has become less of a frustration and you built some confidence in me.  So ‘Muchas Gracias'”

Alicia Meza

“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the last two golf lessons: the swing and driving. Your coaching has made an immediate and significant improvement in my game and by “keeping things simple” you have also improved my confidence and comfort level. Yesterday I played with two other members of our lesson group (Janette and Amanda) in a Ladies Day Tournament at Teal Bend. We won our flight and I scored a net 59–my best score ever. When I went to post my score, I received the message: “Your score is not in your usual score range. Please hit post again if you want to record.” How’s that for a back-handed compliment?

I have your card and won’t hesitate to sing your praises to all of my friends.”

Celeste Hunziker