Ninja Tines Scheduled at Bing Maloney Golf Course

Bing Maloney is going to Ninja Tines the Championship Golf Course and Express 9 Golf Course on Monday, October 5, and Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

Bing Maloney uses Ninja Tines which has become the standard for non-disruptive aerification.

Ninja T‌ines are new to the industry but they don’t impact golfers like traditional aerification. Around since 2017, Ninja Tines are “an innovative tine designed to remove organic material only. The tine pulls a small diameter core and will not disrupt the putting surface. You can play right behind it!”

It is important to take care of the grass on the golf course and Ninja Tines will increase oxygen levels, percolation and reduce organic matter with no surface disruption. Better soil conditions will translate to better playing conditions.

Golf courses that don’t take care of their facilities risk letting decaying roots and grass stems naturally build up and become too thick. This layer will hold water at the surface after rain or when the course is watered. Over time, this encourages disease and can lead to turf failure. When a course is not properly cared for, the spongy, soft surfaces lead to inconsistent and poor playing conditions.

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