Bing Maloney Celebrates Free Fitting and Trade-Up Month

April is PGA Free Fitting and Trade-Up Month and Bing Maloney is providing free 30-minute FlightScope fitting sessions to help golfers, regardless of skill level, trade in used clubs for new equipment by determining their proper fit.

Jae Won, Teaching Professional at Bing Maloney, wants to help you drive the ball straighter and longer, hit all shots more accurately, have noticeably better distance control and shave strokes with better short game execution.

According to the PGA, nine out of ten golfers in the United States play with clubs that do not fit them properly. For the month of April, during Bing Maloney’s Free Fitting and Trade-Up Month, this is your chance to get custom fit to improve scores, hit the ball more accurately and have fun playing golf.

To get your FREE 30-minute FlightScope club fitting, contact the Golf Concierge at 916-808-2531 and ask for your free 30-minute Free Fitting and Trade-Up Month Special with Jae Won.