Step 1 – Welcome to Golf Class

Price: $19.95 per student

From the surveys we have given to beginning golfers, we have learned that entry level students were often intimidated when they took up the sport since they didn’t understand golf’s language and/or lingo. Our surveys indicated that new golfers saw golf as unfriendly because of its traditions, rules and culture.

With this information, our staff created a new program so people would feel more comfortable with the game when entering the sport. “Introduction to Golf” was created as an orientation to the game. This program introduces the new golfer to the facilities, terminology, policies and operations at the course, golf etiquette, basic rules and the first step fundamentals of the short game and full swing.

We take each new golfer through the golf shop showing them the latest products and how to go about selecting the right equipment for them. While taking the tour of the facilities, we also explain how to make tee times, where to tee off and how to use and be comfortable anywhere at the golf facility. The feedback we receive from beginning golfers completing “Introduction to Golf” is that golf is fun and friendly.

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