Women and Golf Go Together

Today, women’s golf is considered the fastest-growing segment in golf. According to figures released by the National Golf Foundation in 2004, women golfers now make up more than 25 percent of all golfers.

Women are learning to play for the same reasons that men have been drawn to the game for years, including using golf for career-building opportunities. Golf is also about making friends, building relationships and most importantly about having fun. It is only natural that the Bing Maloney Golf Course offers several opportunities designed specifically for women who want to take up the great game of golf. So bring a friend and sign up today.Register now for a women’s group lesson by visiting the Play Golf America website, sponsored by the PGA and LPGA.

Simply enter our zip code – 95822, click on the “SEARCH” button and then click on Bing Maloney Golf Course to see up-to-the-minute class schedules and availability.

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Step 1: Introduction to Golf Class – $39.95 per student

The most popular way to begin or return to the game. National surveys have proven beginning golfer’s learn more quickly and have greater enjoyment of golf if they begin with an orientation to the game before taking beginning golf lessons. The Intro to Golf class guides the new golfer through the amenities available at the golf facilities, teaches how to make a tee time and a golf lesson reservation, provides training in the rules and safety of golf as well as instruction on some basics of the game around the green and the full swing . Rental equipment and range balls are provided.

Time: 2 – 90 minute sessions (3 hours of total instruction)
Ratio: 15 students to 1 instructor

Step 2: Get Golf Ready Class – $119.95 per student

Designed around having fun & learning basic techniques on the golf course. Golf is all about having fun. This class is geared around having fun while providing a deeper understanding of the short game and golf swing. Lessons begin on the putting green and work back to the teeing ground with the final session allowing the students to play 1-2 holes with on-course instruction. Beginning golfers, infrequent golfers and former golfers are encouraged to participate.

Time: 5 – 60 minute sessions (5 hours of total instruction)
Ratio: 12 students to 2 coaches

Step 3: Drive for Show, Putt & Chip for Dough Class – $119.95 per student

Designed around having fun while providing more specialized instruction than in Step 2 with a focus on the short game and full swing. The 4 sessions will include more specialty short game shots (bunker, unlevel lies & the “flop shot”) as well as full swing instruction focused on hitting more solid shots with both irons and woods.

Time: 4 – 60 minute sessions (4 hours of total instruction)
Ratio: 6 students to 1 coach


Time to put into use your fundamentals and have fun with other golfers while continuing to grow your own game through instruction and supervised practice. This class allows access to come to any number of the sessions to build lasting relationships with other people that love the game of golf while at the same time becoming more comfortable with all aspects of the game including putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play & full swing.

Ladies Night Program are six classes long
Time: 6 – 180 minute sessions (18 hours of total instruction)

Custom-designed programs

Maybe you’ll want to put together a class that fits you and your group in a special way.
If so, please contact our Class A LPGA instructor Laura Martin at (916) 808-2284.

Join a Home Club

Over the years Bing Maloney has created home clubs to better serve the woman golfer. These club opportunities are designed for social as well as competitive golf and applications for membership are available at the reservation desk of the main golf shop.

Another outstanding organization to join for weekend golf is the Executive Women’s Golf Association, formed in 1991 and now a national program serving more than 20,000 women annually. The local EWGA chapter plays its events on several different courses throughout the year, has members who play at all levels and focuses its events mostly on weekends and after work during the summer. You may contact the local chapter by email. Contact jedecraw@hotmail.com or lmartin@lanset.com.

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