Share Your Passion For Golf With Your Family

The game of golf provides parents with the perfect chance to teach their kids important values that are inherent in the game, such as courtesy, honesty, perseverance, respect and sportsmanship. Bing Maloney Golf Course is the perfect place to spend quality time with your family. You’ll have fun, while creating memories to last a lifetime.

Golf used to be seen primarily as a man’s sport, until the mid-1980s when Golf Digest promoted the need for youth golf. Then along came Tiger Woods in the mid-1990s, who went on the PGA Tour and quickly became one of the most recognized athletes in the world, dramatically increasing interest in the sport of golf. When golfers learned that Tiger had started playing at age 3, they realized that the game is for everybody of all ages. During this same period, Annika Sorenstam was also winning recognition. The resulting focus on Tiger and Annika, coupled with the increased American focus on the family has helped promote golf as being a family sport.

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Now that Dad, Mom and the youngsters are all interested, the City of Sacramento, its golf courses and Morton Golf are developing programs at excellent prices in order to promote family golf in our area. Families can participate together in the following group lesson programs at Bing Maloney Golf Course:

Step 1:  Introduction to Golf Class – $39.95 per student

The most popular way to begin or return to the game.
National surveys have proven beginning golfer’s learn more quickly and have greater enjoyment of golf if they begin with an orientation to the game before taking beginning golf lessons.  The Intro to Golf class guides the new golfer through the amenities available at the golf facilities, teaches how to make a tee time and a golf lesson reservation, provides training in the rules and safety of golf as well as instruction on some basics of the game around the green and the full swing .  Rental equipment and range balls are provided.

Time:  2 – 90 minute sessions (3 hours of total instruction)
Ratio:  15 students to 1 instructor

Step 2:  Get Golf Ready Class – $119.95 per student

Designed around having fun & learning basic techniques on the golf course.
Golf is all about having fun. This class is geared around having fun while providing a deeper understanding of the short game and golf swing.  Lessons begin on the putting green and work back to the teeing ground with the final session allowing the students to play 1-2 holes with on-course instruction.  Beginning golfers, infrequent golfers and former golfers are encouraged to participate.

Time:  5 – 60 minute sessions (5 hours of total instruction)
Ratio: 12 students to 2 coaches

Step 3:  Drive for Show, Putt & Chip for Dough Class – $119.95 per student

Designed around having fun while providing more specialized instruction than
in Step 2 with a focus on the short game and full swing.

The 4 sessions will include more specialty short game shots (bunker, unlevel lies & the “flop shot”) as well as full swing instruction focused on hitting more solid shots with both irons and woods.

Time:  4 – 60 minute sessions (4 hours of total instruction)
Ratio:  6 students to 1 coach

And remember…we provide special green fees for the whole family. Junior golfers can pay reduced rates nearly every day on all City of Sacramento Golf Courses by first attending an etiquette class or participating in one of the golf classes given at any of the city courses. Another great opportunity for families is playing after 6 p.m. during the summer when Mom and Dad receive extremely low rates and juniors who play with an adult pay only $1.50.

Play golf until dark during the long days of summer and then stop off in our café for a hamburger and soft drink before going home. This is fast-becoming a tradition for many families in the Sacramento area.

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