Jae Won, Teaching Professional

JaeWon_1000University of California Davis and San Diego Golf Academy graduate. I am a very passionate teacher who approaches the swing to fit each individual. I have experience teaching golf from tournament players to very beginners. I have worked in the Los Angeles area as a GOLFTEC teaching professional, specializing in motion sensor and video analysis. I have also spent time overseas in Seoul, Korea as a teaching professional at Jason Kang academy of Golf. I have an in-depth knowledge of club fitting and I am also fluent in Korean. “I believe that key fundamentals are crucial in a golf swing to be consistent and powerful.”

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Comments from a few of my students: 

“My daughter Kallie (12) started taking lessons with Jae in May, 2012. Kallie had a strong softball swing, while this provided a strong, athletic swing, it did not lend to a consistent golf swing. Jae recognized Kallie’s potential and decided that we should rebuild her swing. His patience and focused plan to improve the swing, step by step, has paid off. Kallie was scoring around 120-130 when she started, and now she is regularly scoring in the 90’s and shot her best round of 87 last month! Kallie looks forward to each and every lesson with Jae. After watching Jae work with Kallie, I decided that I should take lessons from Jae as well. My index was 9.4 in 2012, but had been struggling for the past year and my index went up to 11.9. After a couple of lessons with Jae, I shot back to back rounds of 78 and 79! My distance off of the tee has increased by 20 yards, and my irons are playing 1 club longer. More importantly, my golf swing has become more consistent and reliable. Thanks Jae!!” David and Kallie Sakamoto

“My teenage son and I have been taking golf lessons from Jae Won for over a year, and we have been very pleased with the instruction we have received. Our swing techniques and strategies have significantly improved under Jae’s guidance, and I’m happy to say that our son made his high school golf team due in large part to the skills he acquired through his lessons. Jae has a very encouraging attitude, and he works well with golf students of all ages and skill levels. I would recommend Jae as a golf instructor for both beginning golfers and for experienced golfers who want to improve their game.” The Dunning Family

J 프로님을 작년봄에 우연히 숏게임 연습하러 갔다  Bing Maloney 골프장에서 만났습니다.   저한테맞고 더 잘할수 있는 스윙으로 고쳐 주셨어요.  거리 늘리기, 숏게임, 퍼딩, 레슨이 끝남,  코스공략지도까지 함께 Rounding 을 같이 하며 지도를 해주시니  도움이컷습니다.  많은분들이 도움을 받아행복한 골퍼들로 다시 태어나심 좋겠네요.   프로님 감사합니다.               – 싱글이 되고 싶은 세크라멘토 골퍼 – Yoobin Lee

“Jae Won has been our son’s golf instructor for the past 6 months. Under Jae’s instruction, our son has made significant progress in terms of his golf skills, his love of and respect for the sport, and his self-confidence. Jae’s teaching style incorporates discipline, focus on the fundamentals, and introduction of new skills when fundamentals have been mastered. At the same time, he demonstrates a great sense of humor making learning golf fun not only his students but their parents as well. Jae’s extensive golf background allows him to work well with students of all levels of ability. I am impressed how quickly he can problem solve what may be wrong with a swing, for example, and then provide instruction on how to correct it. As a parent, I find Jae to be flexible, accommodating, easy to communicate with, and he obviously loves the game of golf. He is a wonderful role model for those wanting to learn the game of golf.” Eric Van Ostrand

“I’ve been playing golf for a while and enjoy the game very much. However, I was always the short hitter out of all my friends. That changed when I started taking lessons from Jae Won at Bing Maloney. Before I was hitting my drives around 200 yards. After two lessons from Jae, I was averaging 240 – 260 yards. If I catch one good with a draw, I can hit close to 300 yards. As a matter a fact, I’ve gain 10 – 20 yards with all my other clubs as well. What I most like about Jae’s approach is the fact that he changes little at a time but it’s very effective. He knew right away where my power leaks were. So far, I’ve only taken 4 lessons from him (and plan on continuing) but my scores have improved by almost 10 strokes mainly due to increase distance and more solid contact when hitting the ball.” Eric Kim